The Bug, The Itch, The Frustration

Does anyone mind if I vent for a second?
I guess I'm not really giving you a choice in the matter since I'm the one blogging here haha, but none the less I just wanted to ask.
See, I have always had a love/hate relationship with social media (says the girl with the blog) but seriously, it's true. As we all know too well, social media can sometimes create this false version of reality. One where we all look perfect in every picture, only post the most amazing adventures, wittiest quips, and allow others to voyeur in our lives... or at least the version of our lives we are willing to share.
I find myself in such a place today.
Lately, I have had this itch...this bug...
to travel.
to adventure.
to bask in the discoveries of some little corner of the world. Just me and The Man.
 And here I am on one such social media site voyuering in on old friends and drooling over the amazing travel they are partaking in. 

How do they do it!? 
How do they just pick up and go!? 
Do they save and save and save, or just throw caution to the wind and figure it out as they go?? 

These are the questions that plague me today.
In fact, this is a frustration and an area in my heart I have struggled with often; comparing my "back stage" parts of life to everyone else's "highlight reel."
Does that make sense? Am I alone in this?
Honestly, it's a very dangerous game one plays with themselves, because it creates in you a deep discontent with where you are. It makes you feel like you should be doing more, or should be making more, or living life more, and everything around you tells you that that is 100% true.
Is that too vulnerable for a blog?
Ugh, whatever, who cares if it is. That's the point of a blog right? And I always want to be honest...

I think the real thing is with the unexpected busyness this season has brought, and the busyness that I know is on the horizon, I find myself just longing for some alone time for Robert and I; a time and place where him and I can get away and experience something...or some together. You know what I mean?
There is just nothing better than adventuring with your best friend.
One of the best adventures him and I have shared together was our honeymoon. We had a very unique courtship/engagement; most of which was spent long distance. Which is romantic and hard all at the same time. So, when we got married, and were finally in the same place at the same time for good, we purposed ourselves to have a long honeymoon together. 
We spent one week in Paris (I. KNOW.) and one week driving up the coast of California. 
Today I find myself daydreaming of that trip.
 And wanting to plot our next one...
[deep breath]
...So, until then...