Little Reminders

Little reminders of my gift.

The Schorrs

A quick photo right before the ceremony. Both were blindfolded and placed back to back.
Neither saw each other prior to their vows.

Welcome to Oneness Schorr's

Miss Redig is Ready

Life is a whirlwind, and it certainly has been for this clan. 
Movings, babies [not Our's!], engagements, parties, weddings, dinner, kisses...more kisses...
And I love it. I absolutely L.O.V.E it.
Wouldn't change it if I could help it.
Last week we celebrated the lovely and amazing Rebecca Redig at her very own Bridal Shower.
 I am literally kicking myself for not taking more pictures, because the home we had it in...gorgeous, the food; incredible, the company; incomparable, the Redig; radiant.
Here are some snaps from her lovely lovely day.

A Slice of Humble Pie

"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not lack." -Psalm 23:1

Before I even begin, it's important for me to note that this is not something I would normally publicize.

Too often, do I find myself more jaded and cynical than I would like to admit that I am. 
[Can I get an AMEN!?]
Yet, it is in those times, and in those moments, that Jesus-in His loving, merciful manner- quietly reminds me that He is my Shepherd, I am His Sheep, and I shall never lack.
 The Man and I have spent a larger portion of this year unemployed to one degree or another. He has been given steady, yet in a way sporadic, work as a art assistant and set designer, while I have juggled a multitude of part time jobs providing us just enough income to squeak by month to month. 
That doesn't bother us.

It is in those moments where funds are running low, the milk in the fridge has clearly gone awry, rent is right around the corner, and thank you LA City Parking for the two glorious new parking tickets, that I begin to hyperventilate, turn red, stomp my feet, and exclaim in my 3 year old self that surely this will be the moment when Jesus stops loving me and doesn't come through.

Forget the time that we had to shell out $350 for The Man's car and an unexpected paycheck for...$350...came through the same day. Or how about the time when The Man prayed for work and [literally] in the middle of our prayers, a friend called him for a job. Or what about the time that I decided to clean out my work bag after 2 weeks of not touching it and found an anonymous envelope addressed to us with $200 cash enclosed in it...the very amount we needed for an outstanding bill?

Did I mention I was sheep? Just a dumb, stubborn, sheep...far too willing to pull the wool over my own eyes. I find mysef in the same story line I have been in so many times before. We are low in funds, and the man hasn't been given work in over a month (it's the slow season for the entertainment business). 
And what do I do?
Panic, of course.

It's funny because last night, just before bed, The Man laid down and began reading to me out of a book about prayer. The particular chapter was focusing on the Lord's prayer:
"Our Father who art in Heaven, 
hallowed be thy name...
...give us this day our daily bread..."
If we are honest, we have our daily bread. If I opened up our refrigerator right now and showed you it's insides, you would find bread. It was then, last night, while focusing on that line alone, that I realized how small my faith truly is, and how quick I am to think that God has forgotten about me. So, last night, just before drifting to sleep, I prayed a simple prayer:
"God...please...please just change me." 

This morning, The Man woke to 3 days of work.
...But there was a problem...
The three days of work (of course) fell on the exact days that both of us will be in a wedding. 
While wrestling through the different options, disagreements arose, tempers flared, and I found my stubborn sheep self digging my...hoofs? in an attempt to prove my point(s) to him. 
Finally, emotions calmed, forgiveness was asked of and given, and just as The Man opened up our front door to head out for a run...
An envelope fell inside.
Filled with just the amount we needed for today's "bread."
And no. I am not kidding.

Thank you Jesus that you are the good Shepherd. Thank you that you have called me your own.
Thank you Lord that you never fail.
You always feed me...

Even when it is a simple slice of humble pie.

Joelle's Bachelorette

Last night we celebrated our soon to no longer be single Joelle. By most Bachelorette standards, our night was significantly low key, but it was just as Joelle would have it. Small, intimate, endearing, and not without a few "married people jokes". 

I mean... Let's be honest... comparatively, Joelle got off pretty easy last night.
Ah hem...anyone remember my bachelorette...?

We started our night downtown at the roof top restaurant Perch. We had a few drinks, some great food, and a view that few could compete with.
 After dinner we headed back to our friend Chloe's loft for gift opening, champagne, a dramatic and passionate reading of gifted...products...and chocolate dipped coconut macaroons made by yours truly.
(for a recipe for the Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons, click HERE)
 Soon to be a Schorr

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon Swoons- Recipe

So, blogger fail. I should have taken cute well posed and filtered pictures of each step in this process, but to be perfectly honest I didn't expect these to turn out as well as they did!

They were so flippin' easy that I was sure I was missing a step. Yet, never the less, here you have it:

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon Swoons


* Wax paper for the cookie sheet
* 1 large egg white
* 1 Tbsp of sugar
* 1/4 tsp of Vanilla Extract
* 1/8 tsp of Almond Extract
* 3/4 cup of Flaked Coconut, sweetened
* 1 tub of Dolci Frutta chocolate dip (HERE is a picture for reference) 


1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees and make sure that the oven rack is in the center. This would also be a good time to cover your cookie sheet with wax paper.

2. In a large bowl, mix together your egg white, sugar, vanilla, almond, and a pinch of salt until all is dissolved uniformly, then add your coconut

3. With your hands, mix all ingredients together until the coconut is completely covered. The mixture should be too wet, so add a little extra coconut if needed. I love working food with my hands for two reasons; one, its way more fun, and two, working food with your hands tends to leave you with a much more accomplished feeling. Just food for thought...

4. Once ingredients are well mixed, take a spoonful of the mixture into your hands and form a small ball, and place on your cookie sheet. Do this until the mixture is gone.

5. Place your formed macaroons into the oven for 15-20 minutes. You want the tops to be a crispy golden brown.

6. Once macaroons are done, remove them from the oven, and let them cool on a cooling rack completely.

7. Once the macaroons have cooled, take your Dolci Frutta, and follow the directions for melting. Dip the "ugly side" (the bottom) of your macaroon into the chocolate. Place macaroons upside down on a plate so that the chocolate does not get ruined.

8. Place your newly chocolate covered macaroons in the fridge until the chocolate has hardened.

9. Enjoy! (...but not all at once...)

Ziza Vita=Vita Vital

YES this is my third blog post tonight...
But trust me, this one is well worth it.

I have spoken of my tried a true, bleed the same blood, born 6 months apart to the day, bestie Ziza many a time before this.

We are a mash up of Tall. Short. Italian. French. Mob. Irish. Hemp. and Leather.

But. Seriously.

Tonight, at 10:46pm I find myself completely engulfed by her blog.

It... is... A M A Z I N G.

I know that I have incredibly [incredibly] talented friends, but every so often they take me by surprise and I realize "Goodness gracious, they are TALENTED."

Meet the oh so talented Ziza Vita, and enjoy her blog. You won't be sorry.

Get A Move On It!

Snugs and The Man have moved.
We said a sad goodbye to the rightfully named Pink Palace this week, as this clan has moved on to other adventures...ones that allow dogs.
For anyone moving, here are a few Snug Tips to make the move as stressLESS as possible:

1. GET HELP!: 
We had 5 of our friends help us, it was so crucial.
2. If you can afford it, rent a moving truck: 
Our church provided us with one because I am on staff, but we were literally out and into our new apartment fully within 2 1/2 hours.
3. Pack up one room at a time and label each box.
This will keep you organized and will make unpacking a breeze.
4. Clean as you pack:
This will save you big time on the main clean at the end (plus it keeps you from having to clean your items once in your new place)
5. The night before:
Move as many items as you can into one room. If you are flying solo, or when your friends get there, this will make the move easy, quick, and efficient.
6. P.M.P.---Post Move Pizza
Enough said.

We are officially in our new place, and we LOVE it. And in just a few short months, this guy will be here to stay.
King of the couch.

The Secret Box

So, for those of you that follow me on instagram, I posted a photo a few weeks back stating that I had begun a secret project...
Well the project is now complete :)
In a previous blog post HERE I blogged about my dear Joelle getting engaged. This past weekend was her bridal shower, (Click HERE for bridal shower pics from Ziza's blog!) and I was scratching my brain as to what to get her. I wanted it to be personal, but not cheesy- something she could hold on to, but something that would be just for her.
So, I decided to make her a keepsake box.
For the shower, we bought vintage Mucha postcards (Joelle loves Mucha) that everyone wrote notes, marriage/wedding advice, etc. on and we placed them in the box for her future reading. However, I wanted this to be something that she could place her own special notes, treasures, etc. in as well.
I was nervous about how it would turn out, but never the less I was happy with it.
Fall colors, Fall fruit, Fall Wedding.
 Very Joelle.
Here are some snaps of the process.
(For those interested in a step by step process, feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to share my tricks of the trade!)