Get A Move On It!

Snugs and The Man have moved.
We said a sad goodbye to the rightfully named Pink Palace this week, as this clan has moved on to other adventures...ones that allow dogs.
For anyone moving, here are a few Snug Tips to make the move as stressLESS as possible:

1. GET HELP!: 
We had 5 of our friends help us, it was so crucial.
2. If you can afford it, rent a moving truck: 
Our church provided us with one because I am on staff, but we were literally out and into our new apartment fully within 2 1/2 hours.
3. Pack up one room at a time and label each box.
This will keep you organized and will make unpacking a breeze.
4. Clean as you pack:
This will save you big time on the main clean at the end (plus it keeps you from having to clean your items once in your new place)
5. The night before:
Move as many items as you can into one room. If you are flying solo, or when your friends get there, this will make the move easy, quick, and efficient.
6. P.M.P.---Post Move Pizza
Enough said.

We are officially in our new place, and we LOVE it. And in just a few short months, this guy will be here to stay.
King of the couch.