20 Marks 1/2 Way

This week marks Baby Snug's 1/2 way point for his or her journey into this world.
20 Weeks, woo hoo!!
Baby is the size of a  M a n g o

Weight: 10.58oz
Length: 10.08 inches (from crown to rump)

And from baby's rump to my bump...

A Day at the Exhibit

Yesterday, The Man and I finally had a day off together!
That meant that him and I had an entire day free from work, school, studying, responsibility, and we could spend it however the heck we wanted.
So, what did we choose?
Thanks to my mom and two free tickets, we headed downtown to see the Leonardo DaVinci "Machines" exhibit.
I had NO idea what a contribution DaVinci made to so many facets of society! Forget the Mona Lisa (well, actually no don't do that, the Mona Lisa is incredible), but seriously I cannot believe he isn't MORE famous for his other contributions!
Kids, myself included, put down the smart phones and take a note out of DaVinci's book. 
The man literally created till the day he died.
Well done.
Here are some snaps from our day at the exhibit. 

Darling Magazine: Spring Issue No.3

Dear Readers,

I have mentioned this a few times, but for those of you that do not know, I am apart of an INCREDIBLE (understatement of the year) team of women that helped create a magazine for ladies alike called 

We are currently on our Spring Issue (issue No.3) and I wanted to get the word out that the issue is now available for pre-sale!

Head  on over to DarlingMagazine.org and get your copy today!

This brief break in work, school, web-surfing, mommyhood, day-offness brought to you by your's truly.


Why Thank YOU!

I received quite a sweet honor yesterday!

A fellow blogger "Aweigh With Me" 
(you can find her beautiful blog HERE
gave me very sweet gift yesterday when she presented me with the Inspiring Blog Award.
I haven't had a chance to find out all that this award entails, however I did just want to say a very big
to Aweigh With Me. You have made me feel very special my fellow blogging friend.

Go check out her blog y'all!! You will not be disappointed.


It has begun

Two things have begun to take place in my life recently.

1. I have begun a baby registry
.....Let me just pause here for a moment.....
I thought a wedding registry was bad, but it doesn't even hold a CANDLE to a baby registry! I had no idea that one little being could need so much!
Glass or BPM free bottles? This burp cloth or that burp cloth? A bumbo seat!? Boogie wipes!?

Which leads me to...

2. Decorating a nursery
This for me is actually quite fun. However, it has taken a slightly more difficult turn as of late. 
You see, The Man and I had made the decision to...to...not find out the gender of our bean until it's birth date.
But we sort of feel like this is really exciting! Yet, when we made this decision, I grossly underestimated the genericness that is the gender neutral nursery. Surely, there is more I can choose from than beige, grey, yellow, or green...right? RIGHT!?
I have begun to  scour the internet for inspiration, and here is what I have come by so far:

 As of now, The Man and I are fond of the mixing and matching of these various nurseries. There are different aspects of each that we like. We're thinking possibly white and gold with accents of various shades of turquoise.

However, I am indecisive  and that could very well change... tomorrow :)
So, until then...



This week, Baby is the size of a delicious.... Pickle!

Weight:6.70 oz

Length:5.59 inches (from crown to rump)
How about one more for good measure