It has begun

Two things have begun to take place in my life recently.

1. I have begun a baby registry
.....Let me just pause here for a moment.....
I thought a wedding registry was bad, but it doesn't even hold a CANDLE to a baby registry! I had no idea that one little being could need so much!
Glass or BPM free bottles? This burp cloth or that burp cloth? A bumbo seat!? Boogie wipes!?

Which leads me to...

2. Decorating a nursery
This for me is actually quite fun. However, it has taken a slightly more difficult turn as of late. 
You see, The Man and I had made the decision find out the gender of our bean until it's birth date.
But we sort of feel like this is really exciting! Yet, when we made this decision, I grossly underestimated the genericness that is the gender neutral nursery. Surely, there is more I can choose from than beige, grey, yellow, or green...right? RIGHT!?
I have begun to  scour the internet for inspiration, and here is what I have come by so far:

 As of now, The Man and I are fond of the mixing and matching of these various nurseries. There are different aspects of each that we like. We're thinking possibly white and gold with accents of various shades of turquoise.

However, I am indecisive  and that could very well change... tomorrow :)
So, until then...


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  1. When I was preggo with Josiah, I thought you "had to have" all this STUFF. I slowly learned that you basically needed your God given instincts, a few outfits, a baby wrap, car seat, blankies/burp cloths and patience. <3 The decorating part is a blast. Can't wait to see what you two do with the nursery!