A Day at the Exhibit

Yesterday, The Man and I finally had a day off together!
That meant that him and I had an entire day free from work, school, studying, responsibility, and we could spend it however the heck we wanted.
So, what did we choose?
Thanks to my mom and two free tickets, we headed downtown to see the Leonardo DaVinci "Machines" exhibit.
I had NO idea what a contribution DaVinci made to so many facets of society! Forget the Mona Lisa (well, actually no don't do that, the Mona Lisa is incredible), but seriously I cannot believe he isn't MORE famous for his other contributions!
Kids, myself included, put down the smart phones and take a note out of DaVinci's book. 
The man literally created till the day he died.
Well done.
Here are some snaps from our day at the exhibit. 


  1. Aw man, for a minute i got really excited and thought this was in LA! :) looks like a trip to colorado will be in order one of these days

    1. I will never argue with that :) Anytime you and Chad want to venture out to the Rockies, just know that you have a standing invitation with us xo