Little Darlings

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Tonight marked the official launch party of issue #1 of
 There has been blood (not really) sweat, and tears for the last two years as we ladies (and a few choice men) have labored to make this dream a reality. 
And now here we stand:

.S e p t e m b e r. 2 3. 2 0 1 2.
Darling Magazine has officially launched into the world of print.
Enjoy a few snaps from tonight's party.

(If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Darling Magazine, click HERE)

Milestone in the Mile High

The Man and I have an exciting announcement.
(No...there isn't a little Snugs on the way...yet.)
We....are moving.
  C o l o r a d o 
This news is both amazing...and harshly bittersweet.
Over the course of this year, there has been one closed door after another for The Man and I. Jobs, that we were both a shoe in for, haven't panned out. Provision has allowed us to scrape by, but the truth of the matter is, it has barely allowed us to keep our heads above water. We have been fighting so hard to stay in Los Angeles, but it turns out that God has other plans for our family.

A few months ago, you may remember a blog I posted HERE about a major interview that The Man had with the police academy. He went from 1,500 applicants all the way down to 4...and then the Lord shut the door. Of all the closed doors this year thus far, this was the one for both of us that forced us to take a look at the fact that maaaaaaaybe God was shutting the door on L.A. as well.

Sometimes, we are stubborn. Sometimes, we are faithless. Sometimes we are both, and sometimes it takes God allowing us to try every path before seeing His. 

The Man and I have finally pursued what we believe God has been leading us to do all the while. 
The Man has applied to seminary...and he has gotten in :)

We are so very very excited about this new adventure in our family...but it also comes with a TON of heartbreak.

Sacrifice is painful. Denial of one's self is unnatural. Family in Christ, eternal. Following the Lord, worth it.

And with that, at the end of this year we say goodbye to our beloved L.A. friends and family and church, for whatever God has in store for us in Colorado.

"When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid." -Psalm 56:3-4a

Below are some snaps from our last trip to the Mile High city.

The Act.

The Man and I live in the strangest city.
From where I sit...literally...I am overhearing the faux cheers and applause of a casting session for a
movie that may or may not get scrapped before it even sees the light of day.
An actress, known best for leather unitards and royal diaries sits in the next room. Her hard exterior gives way to the slight cracks that only one can see if they are reeeeally looking...gaping as most do. She is just a little girl; slight in stature at best; vulnerable yet guarded all at the same time.
Sort of like Lady Los Angeles herself.
L.A. often times just seems like one giant costume change.
Fads come and go. People are loved and hated all in the course of one weekend. 
We are transient in every way.
And want to know the worst part of it all?
I find that my demeanor has changed too today. Suddenly, I find it harder to make eye contact. My laughter, slightly more nervous.
Suddenly I care simply because someone...or culture...tells me I should.
Costumes and masks. Smoke and mirrors.
We all act. 
Some of us just get paid for it.

The Manliest

Welp. It's Official.
The Man is off to be....well, a man.
...In the woods...doing...uhh manly stuff?
Its the men's retreat this weekend, and I am so happy that my hubs is getting some much needed time and relaxation.
Us wives will be here at home.
Battle of the sexes y'all!
Here's to the manliest man I know.

A Terry Goodbye

Last night we waved a tearful Bon Voyage to our dearest Michelle Terry as she departs on the biggest adventure of her life thus far.

It seems quite fitting to watch what God is currently doing in all of our lives. In so many ways, we have all grown-up together. We've been infants together, and watched as God has matured us each one by one.
Almost two years ago to the day, we created what we lovingly refer to as "The Family"
...sans any Mob ties...
when we all took a trip up to Seattle to visit my now adored husband while he was away at school. The Man and I had just begun dating, and this marked the first trip I was making to see him 
(....with an entourage in tow...) 
It was one of the best trips I have ever taken.
Here's a photo from that time
And two years later, here we are

I have mentioned before, and I will say it 1,000,000,000 again, I have the BEST friends I never imagined possibly existed. 
Michelle is off to Israel and then to Haiti...and we couldn't be more proud of our sister.
Here are some snaps for her goodbye party last night.
We love you Michelle.