Boy Oh Boy!

Guess what!
We're having a...

Scheduled to make his first public appearance August 2013.

The two of us are so flippin' excited we could burst!!

And I know I've been lax in posting some baby bump pictures, so I thought I would try and make up for it today. 

Here you go!


The Dirty Thirty

H A P P Y * B I R T H D A Y
To my main squeeze! He turned

3 0

this past week!

Now...I know that I haven't been blogging for a few weeks, but life for us has been really busy, REALLY! (That's always the excuse isn't it?) 
But you see, sometimes I can have this awful habit of being so concerned about catching the moment, that I fail to actually be present in it. Therefore, I took a little hiatus from the blog world to, well, enjoy the real world.

As these weeks have passed, on top of my daily activities, I have really only been doing one thing.
Getting bigger.
I seriously look like I am trying to smuggle a beach ball in and out of various places all over the beautiful state of  Colorado. 
But BIG is beautiful, especially in this case. 

Anyway, as I stated above, my darling hubs has officially reached the Dirty Thirty. And it has never looked better. I know many people dread the day when their 20's come to an end, but if you ask me, I think it only always gets better. 

SO, being financially challenged as we are in this stage of life, I wanted to make my husband's 30th birthday as special as it could possibly be....with the limited resources that we posses. 
Therefore, instead of making it a birthDAY, I opted for much more fun birthWEEK. 

I began Part 1 with a surprise serenade at our weekly community group with a homemade Vanilla Coconut cake (with GOLD sprinkles!!). 
We sang, and laughed, and really made a night of it.
(Not my best kind ;) )
The next morning, (Robert's actual birthday), Part 2 commenced.
 I was finally able to give him the gift that I had been working on for a few months. 
I knew that turning 30 in a new place, far away from family and our friends in Los Angeles was going to be hard for him (whether he chose to divulge that information or not ;) ). So, a few months ago I reached out to some of The Man's closest family and friends and asked if they would be willing to send a little special note of love and encouragement to Robert on his special day.
I have to say, they sent the WARMEST sentiments!!
From there, I printed out all of the letters (30 in total) and placed them in mini envelopes and attached them to 30 golden balloons 
(that I strategically smuggled into the house without him seeing, mind you). 
That 5:00am...I got up and filled our bedroom with the 30 golden balloons and 30 notes of love for Robert to wake up to.
I was making so much noise that I started to giggle...which then made me snort...which then made me giggle harder. But miraculously HE DIDN'T WAKE UP!? And my surprise was able to stay in tact.
The next morning Robert awoke to a forest of balloons, and it made his day :)
 Part 3 of Robert's birthday was literally only made possible because of the generosity of my parents. They gifted us with a weekend of their time share up in the mountains. A much needed getaway for The Man and I.
We made meals, visited Buffalo Bill's grave?, roasted s'mores, and just relaaaaaaaaxed.
 All in all, I think it is safe to say that my husband's 30th birthday extravaganza was a great success!
Happy Birthday Robert! I sure do love you.
Welcome, to your 30's.