Joelle's Bachelorette

Last night we celebrated our soon to no longer be single Joelle. By most Bachelorette standards, our night was significantly low key, but it was just as Joelle would have it. Small, intimate, endearing, and not without a few "married people jokes". 

I mean... Let's be honest... comparatively, Joelle got off pretty easy last night.
Ah hem...anyone remember my bachelorette...?

We started our night downtown at the roof top restaurant Perch. We had a few drinks, some great food, and a view that few could compete with.
 After dinner we headed back to our friend Chloe's loft for gift opening, champagne, a dramatic and passionate reading of gifted...products...and chocolate dipped coconut macaroons made by yours truly.
(for a recipe for the Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons, click HERE)
 Soon to be a Schorr