Remember This.

Dear 27 year old you,

Remember this. 

Remember how his chubby little hand is clasping the top of your tank top as he sleeps. Remember the smell of the top of his head; it's clean and sweet. Remember how long his eye lashes look from this angle. Remember how creamy his skin is; the softness of it; the way it feels under your hand as he takes in his little breaths. 27 year old you, remember the little clicking sound his mouth makes when the pacifier falls out during his sleep. Remember that you would hold him like this forever if he'd let you, but one day he will be too big, and these days will have long since passed. 

So until then, cherish this. Soak it all in. 
Love every single ounce of it. 

And when it's been a long day, you're at your wits end, maybe he's having a rough day himself...

Remember this. 

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