Surfing Encinitas

The Man and I, along with my brother-in-law aka The Roar ;), headed down to Encinitas yesterday for some good ol' California past time--surfing. 

On a recent shoot, we were gifted a brand new 7ft board that we were both itching to try. Now, mind you, I haven't been surfing since about high school, so by try I mean see if I can even ride a wave in on my stomach. Happy to report, I can!

Afterward, we stopped by a little infamous (in our family anyway) hole in the wall called The Roxy where we greatly enjoyed the much raved about Almond Joy flavored ice cream cone. Seriously, homemade ice cream, rich fudge swirls, shaved almonds, and fresh coconut....if you're in the area, you're crazy not to try it too.

We returned back to Los Angeles crispy, relaxed, and dreaming of our next wave adventure.

Surf Report: I'm hooked.