Today We Turned 1

Today I turned 1 with The Man that I call my own. 
We woke up early and exchanged gifts that we had bought one another. He had found me a hammered gold band ( I L.O.V.E. hammered gold and thin, dainty jewelry) and I saved and saved to buy him a dress watch in which I had engraved. 
We then began the tradition that we have always talked about of watching our wedding video every anniversary
...and I still cried like a baby...
Next, we walked down to Figaro Cafe (I've spoken of many times before) and had breakfast together before heading to Disneyland for the day.
Finally, rounding off the occasion with a (much needed) and delicious dinner together.

Single ladies...
I know many of you desire to be married some day. It is an unbelievable honor and responsibility. It is awesome...and awesomely hard...all at the same time. 
As I watched my husband today, I realized "Gosh...I am one of the lucky ones." 
Don't be in such a rush to get married that you simply settle for a male. A MAN is in a whole other league.

Snaps from our 1st anniversary together
[Engraving: "Year 1 10-08-12"]

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