Ode to my Husband

This is my husband.
And he is the MOST.
I love him. I adore him. I learn from him. I'm better because of him.
 And on this Valentine's Day, as I watch him do simple things like fix a cup of coffee, or push up his glasses as he reads, or look up at me and smile, I'm given these little glimpses into my husband's heart, and I get to see just how pure in heart he truly is. My husband, though imperfect and still in transition, understands the heart of God in ways that I only do because of him. And as we are put to one test after another, I see him rise to every occasion leading our little family in what it looks like to extend grace upon grace and mercy upon mercy in a plethora of situations.
Though you are only on loan to me in this lifetime, you are all mine.
My lover and my friend.
The first time we ever hung out--LA Dodgers Game--
The dinner you spent a majority of the night chasing me around :)
 But by the end of this 114 degree hike and weekend, I knew I'd met my husband.
The first meal you ever cooked me.
Where you told me you loved me for the first time.
 When you asked me to marry you.
When we continuously joked about scrapping the entire wedding and just eloping in Vegas.
 But we made it to that day, and it was well beyond worth it.
Oh, AND I got to see you bust your first move!

I love this man.
My forever Valentine.


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