Side Swiped

I know....
I know I've been posting a lot regarding the little babe lately.
It's simply because this little miracle came at the perfect time. 
Robert and I probably wouldn't have planned it this way ever... 
but what do we know anyway right!?
However, taking a break from that subject matter for a minute, I have to confess, God is rocking me in many an area lately. Honestly, HONESTLY, I really didn't think there could be life after Los Angeles for us me. I know, DRAAAAMA QUEEN...
But seriously.
Even truer truth to be told, I have spent much of our first month here fairly....ummm... anti-social. I guess a more correct statement would be "professionally social" I'm social because I should be... 
BUT every time I drag my [platformed] heels to an event or a gathering that I lament I do not want to attend, I walk away wishing we could have stayed longer.
What happened to the Colorado I vowed I would never return to!? 
You know, the one I hated and cursed and refused to ever speak kind words of...
Somehow it has been replaced with [legit] [Christian] community that actually wants to go out of their way to get to know Robert and I....that actually welcomes Robert and I into their home for dinner (after only having had a 10 minute conversation with us)...who actually takes a genuine interest in us and our lives....who actually lives out the Gospel. 
What is going on here!?
Blessing after Blessing, that's what.
Nobody will ever be able to replace my heart friends, those friends that still reside back in LA, those friends that really are more like family
Jesus sure is showing me that He is far more in tuned and involved than I ever seem to give Him credit for.
Thank you for the reminder Jesus.
Credit: all You.

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