Daddy Dearest

Father's Day.
I woke up this morning thinking about a memory I had from when I was little. Growing up, for some of my life anyway, we lived in Williamsburg, VA. Yes, Williamsburg- the colonial butter churning capitol of the world. But in so many ways, it was this incredible setting for a beautiful and picturesque childhood. 
Anyway, this memory. 
My dad use to have this old white convertible BMW that he would wash every so often in our driveway. Well, clearly, I wanted to do everything my dad did when I was little, so I would wheel out my red and yellow play-school car (the one you pushed with your feet) and would proceed to wash MY car next to his. I would watch how my dad washed his car, and then I would do the very same to my car.
My dad always did have this great way of leading by example.
As some of you may (or may not) know, I write a column for an online magazine (soon to be print!) called Darling Magazine. Click HERE for a link to an article I wrote about the history of Father's Day
Happy Father's Dad, I love you so very much.