Twenty Six

Today I turned 26.
Today I turned that age. You know, that age. The age you dream about when you are little. The age that you think, "Once I get to ____, then I'm a real adult."
That age, is this age.
I am now officially on the other side of my 20's.
But you know what...
If today was any indication of what my 26 will be like, then I am going to have one hell of a great year. I literally had the best birthday a girl could ask for. Thanks in complete part to my sweet man of a husband.
Yesterday (not even my birthday mind you) The Man took me shopping! Ladies, I know...incredible right!? I timidly picked out two dresses and a pair of shoes, but after much cheering on of my husband, I confidently walked them to the counter where The Man proudly paid. I was in heaven. He then took me out to Mohawk Bend for dinner simply to give me an excuse to show off my new duds.
Then, this morning (my actual birthday) I awoke to The Man bright eyed and bushy tailed
[He couldn't sleep from sheer excitement]
We quickly got dressed so that my husband could give me my birthday present he had been waiting weeks to give me

...wait for it...

J A C K W H I T E  T I C K E T S !!
I cannot contain the excitement this brought me. I literally cannot wait.
Then we headed to none other than Figaro Cafe for a quick bite before church. After church The Man took me to the Huntington Library, a place I have wanted to see ever since I've been in L.A. 
We walked the grounds, checked out Johannes Gutenberg's original Bible, and cat napped under a shady well as watched Tornado videos on Youtube...dont ask...
Then, just as I thought my birthday couldn't get any better, The Man surprised me with a special Happy Birthday dinner at Malo with all of our closest friends. 
How great is he!!??
They showered me with such thoughtful gifts. I am more than grateful.
I do not deserve this life, but thanks be to Jesus, am I right!?
Here are some snaps from our day.

PS: 26, you have been good to me. I look forward to my other 364 days with you.