"31 Ways I Ruined My Marriage"

Dear Friends and Family,

Recently, I came across a pretty incredible blog.
It's by a man named Dan Pearce of the blog "Single Dad Laughing" (Click HERE for a direct link.)
Amid other [often times hilarious] posts, Dan humbly airs his failed marriage's 'dirty laundry' in a 2 part post dedicated to 31 ways he feels he blew his marriage.

Now, mind you, it is written from a male's point, yet I [quite female] found myself literally in tears by the end of it. I felt that God had given me a little present in these posts
...perhaps even a neon sign...
directing me off routes I can tend to take at times in my own marriage.

See...the problem with blogs, is that we bloggers can often portray a very [filtered] version of marriage, and life. Do not mistake me, The Man and I have a very deep rooted friendship with one another, a friendship that I feel comes to our aid exponentially in the midst of some of the "not so pretty" moments of marriage. (Yes, we have those. Shocker!)

And again, though this is written from a husband's eye, us wives could stand to take a note or two from this list as well.

Warning: This post is raw.


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