Lane Kelly Gets Baptized!

Yesterday was amazing.
My sister-in-law, Lane Kelly, is in town for one last visit before The Man and I make our big move to Colorado.
And guess what.
She asked her brother, my husband, to baptize her while she was here. 
And that is exactly what we did.
We took the long way through the Topanga Canyon mountains as the mist and fog rolled down through them. Once we hit the PCH in Malibu, we found a secluded little off turn that led down to a deserted part of a Malibu private beach.

The three of us sat down in the sand as The Man read from the Bible explaining the purpose of baptism. Once Lane Kelly consented, the two of them headed into the water, as I stayed ashore to capture the moment. It was so beautiful to watch my husband baptize his little sister in the Ocean. I was just grateful to be apart of it. Once the two of them came back in, The Man and I prayed over Lane Kelly.

Afterward, the three of us headed to dinner together at a local (and favorite) Thai place along the PCH. The Man and I then gave Lane Kelly her first leather bound and personalize Bible to commemorate the occasion.

We love you and are so proud of you Lane Kelly!
Here are some snaps from the day.

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