Colorado Or Bust

One snow storm, two days, and 19 hours later we finally made it to Colorado.
Thank you Jesus for seeing us here safely.
The journey was full of a mixture of quite bitter and quite sweet....and maybe I cried once four times.
On our last two nights in California, we gathered with some of our closest friends to celebrate Christmas together, and to say goodbye. 
Les Miserables, mouth watering food, pizza bites, a competitive game of Monopoly, and many hugs and tears were involved in these days.
I simply simply simply cannot believe our season in Los Angeles is over.
(Typing this Im about to lose it.)
But now it is time to see what God has in store for us in Colorado.... all -1 degrees of it.
Here are some snaps from our time on the road
 And here is where this trip got even crazier..
So, I had to sell my car before leaving California because the poor thing had absolutely no chance of making it :(
Well, we pull up to my parents house, and here is what is waiting for me; bow and all.
My parents, being so generous, gave me their old car to have!
Blessed girl.

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