Our Final California Adventure

Recently, The Man and I were gifted an AMAZING vacation in Carmel, California by my parents. We were so excited (and so in need of some time together) that we decided to make an adventure of it by tacking on a night in San Francisco at the end. 

We are on the brink of moving, and felt that this would be a wonderful way for the two of us to say goodbye to our beloved California. And it was so much more than wonderful!

On the drive out there, I had a major "Whoaaa Double Rainbow!" moment
When Robert and I literally saw the most incredible rainbow (which actually turned out to be a double rainbow lol) that I have ever seen in my life!!

Here are some snaps from Carmel

 San Francisco turned out to be everything we imagined it could be: beautiful, inviting, exciting, and leaving us wanting much much more!

PS: the hotel we stayed at, The St. Francis Drake, was UNREAL
The hotel provided us with some....wild...robes..

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