One Last LA Christmas [Tree]

Ok, truth be told, these photos are so close up, because if I zoomed out, our apartment would look like it threw up on itself. There are boxes, and packing materials, items, and nicknacks all over the place! I cannot believe our move to Colorado is coming up so fast! But The Man and I truly are excited.
One thing to know about me is that I LOVE Christmas (who doesn't!?). So imagine my delight when Robert stated that he felt we should decorate one last time before we leave. 
Heart Mellllllllllllting. 
So we ventured out in the pouring down rain crisp Los Angeles December air to the Home Depot to choose our dignified Douglas Fir. 

Once home, our Naughton family tradition commenced 
(we started this last year in our first year of marriage.)

1. Setting up the tree
2. Robert strings the lights (I literally cannot do it for some reason)
3. Begin decorating

Oh... and all the while watching...
...wait for it...

4. This Is Spinal Tap

Yep :)

Enjoy some snaps from our day.

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