HaHa.... Oops....

Has it really been since APRIL that I have blogged!?

Oye... Oops...Forgive me. SO much has been going on.

Let's see...

1. I turned 27
2. We moved
3. We are helping to plant a church

Oh, and...


Seriously, the most adorable little Snuglet! I'm sure everyone says that about their children, but The Man and I are absolutely, hopelessly in L.O.V.E. with this little guy. I'll introduce you soon. 

But lets work through this list one by one...

Ok, so I turned 27

I am THE WORST person to ask "So, what would you like to do for your birthday this year?" I seriously make it so hard on the questioner because my honest and typical response is usually something to the effect, "I don't really care, honestly whatever you want to do sounds great with me!" (What is wrong with me lol?) 
But this year, I only had one request....
I wanted to ring in 27 with a nice...ZOMBIE MOVIE. I'm not kidding. It was like a craving.

See, The Man and I, for the most part, had been house bound for quite a while. When funds are low, you learn to heavily enjoy walks together, "movie night"--ie: Netflix and a box of Milk Duds, Dinners at home, etc. But The Man insisted on making an entire day of this birthday. He started the night before by setting me up with a Prenatal massage gifted by his folks. It was AWESOME... and at 34 weeks pregnant at the time, pretty much the best thing I could have gotten. The next day, I had to work, but The Man and I got up early for a heart healthy breakfast of coffee and donuts. YUM! Later, my mom met me at work for a delicious lunch at P.F. Changs coupled with a beautiful bouquet of fresh sunflowers (I LOVE fresh flowers). 
Upon returning home, the man had not gotten me one cake...he had gotten me THREE! (mini cakes... from my favorite cake shop). We enjoyed bites of each together outside on the patio before heading to one of my favorite mexican restaurants for dinner.
So, pretty much I ate SUPER healthy all day long ;)

And then...
We took in a late night showing of World War Z at this super cool theatre called The Alamo here in town. It is a dinner theatre which means that for every two seats, there is a table and a really good menu of food and drinks. You can order whatever you want all throughout the movie, and they bring it right to your table.
The Alamo also does its own previews at the beginning of each flick, so everything was Zombie themed :)
I loved it.

Thank You Robert, for an incredible, unforgettable, 27th birthday. My last birthday before we officially became parents :)
Here are a few snaps from the day

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  1. Hey! I totally haven't been to the Alamo yet - is it worth it? I LOVE your picture at the top - classic!