[Almost] 29 and Feelin' Fine P.I

This weekend The Man and I headed down to San Diego for a much anticipated weekend away. The Man is scheduled to turn 29 this upcoming week, and given our incredibly hectic schedule as of late, we thought a weekend away was just what the doctor ordered...

Of course, the weekend didn't go quiiiiiiiite according to plan, especially with the unexpected nearly four hour trip down there in bumper to bumper traffic, but this is Southern California after all. Nevertheless, we made the best of our late arrival but stopping at the La Jolla coves, where, to our surprise and delight, we found the coves and beach littered with Seals basking in the sun. Clearly undeterred by human presence, the Seals would literally come bounding ashore and scoot their bodies as close to your's (as long as you were willing.)
Here are a few more snaps from La Jolla

After La Jolla, we FINALLY made it to San Diego, where we were scheduled to stay at the infamous Lafayette Hotel. We made it to our room, changed, and headed out for a celebratory birthday sushi dinner.