Snugs and The Man.

Snugs has BIG eyes. The Man is her husband. And together they are attempting to archive their little life together. This is a place for friends and family alike to keep up with and enjoy the everyday adventures that we share.

Welcome to our blog!

Snugs and The Man knew OF each other long before they actually met. It wasn't until the Summer of 2010, and one week before The Man was set to move to Seattle, that the two of them actually spent some time together. Soon after The Man's move, he returned to Los Angeles for a mutual friend's engagement party. It was during that weekend that he realized he had met his wife. Snugs and The Man began dating long distance, He in Seattle, She in Los Angeles, were soon engaged, and later wed in the Fall of 2011.

Recently, we have made the move from the beautifully urban city of Los Angeles, to the gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado. We have our good days, our great days, and our these could be better days... but we are doing each day together. It is now on to year two for this family, and we look forward to whatever God has in store. Bring it on!

Oh, and by the way, we are expecting our first little one later this year :)

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  1. Hi Brie! We've never met, but I feel like I know you and I have to tell you the story why! To me, this is just one more example of how God works in the funniest, most mysterious ways.

    A couple days ago a friend of mine shared a blog post on Facebook from "Thoughts by Natalie." As I was reading about Natalie, I saw she worked for Darling Magazine, which was unfamiliar to me, so I popped over to that website to check it out. I love what Darling is setting out to do. Why can't all magazines have the same goals?! Next I clicked on "Meet our Team" and I was immediately drawn to your description because I'm fascinated by birth and have always loved the idea of being a doula! One click later, I landed here and began reading your blog, starting with this page. Now would probably be a good time to tell you that I've been a long time fan of Paperback Weddings, and often find myself in tears watching the wedding videos of couples I don't even know! ha! I'm always especially drawn to the Christian couples....after reading the adorable description above of you and your husband, and then pushing play on your wedding video, you can only imagine how excited I was to discover who you two are!! My favorite Paperback Weddings couple! I literally squealed and practically leapt out of my chair. Kind of pathetic, I know, but it was just such a fun surprise!

    Anyway, like I said before, I just had to introduce myself because of that crazy series of events! You and your husband are cute as can be, and the two of you are setting such a great example for us single Christian girls of what a Christ centered marriage looks like. Oh, and by the way, I'm a hairstylist in Chicago so I cannot wait to hear more about your new hair washing routine! :)


    1. Katherine! Hi!!

      Haha oh my goodness, you just made my morning!
      Thank you so much for the sweet sentiments, I feel so honored to be your favorite PBW couple! Daniel and his team do such an incredible job with each and every one of their films, that I too find myself just watching one wedding video after the next with tears streaming down my face lol.

      So, I have to tell you, today was my first day trying out the new "No Shampoo/conditioner" regiment I posted about and I LOVE it. My hair actually feels cleaner than it ever has. From all the posts I've read regarding this recipe, most warn of a "transition phase" where your hair will feel a bit like straw as it is getting use to not having to produce so much excess oil, however, I didn't really find that to be the case for me? I may just be one of the lucky ones. My hair feels light, clean, soft, and actually appears to have more shine than normal. I really don't think I will ever switch back. As for the oil cleanser for your is a MUST try. I am beyond sold on it!

      Also, if you have any questions regarding being a Doula, or if you simply just want to chat about life, paperback weddings lol, Darling Magazine, or anything. Please feel free to email me at: and I'd love to talk with you!

      Thank you again for making my day :)