The Night That Started it All.

FEBRUARY 3, 2011

The Man and I were still dating long distance at the time. I was scheduled that weekend to make my monthly trip up to Seattle to see him. Little did I know The Man had a plan of his very own. The night of February 3rd, I was set to have my weekly dinner with my best friend Ziza (check out her own blog here). We planned to go to my favorite neighborhood spot Figaro Cafe. As we parked the car (unusually far away) I couldn't figure out why she kept trying to get me to walk down a particular street in order to reach the cafe. It wasn't until I heard the boots coming up rapidly behind the two of us that it all made sense.

The Man had flown down early in order to surprise me. He had worked everything out with Ziza and a group of our friends to get me to the very street that he first told me he wanted to marry me. It was on that street, and in that spot that he proposed. I was so overwhelmed by emotion that as he got down on his knee, I too knelt down on mine, but it made for an entirely sweet and unique moment for us. Afterward, we walked to Figaro Cafe where all of our closest friends where there waiting to celebrate. It was absolutely perfect.